*Update* Integrations - New functions on Crunchbase + Infobel

Hi dashdashers,

We have continued to hear your requests and to your feedback and we have some news for your lead gen and data enrichment apps.


As you know a couple of weeks ago, we launched Crunchbase, but since then we kept working on adding more functions to it and doing some improvements on existing functions.

Last week, we have released this new set of functions:

  • INVESTORS_BY_NAME_CRUNCHBASE - returns list of investors that match a name and location.
  • INVESTORS_BY_ACTIVITY_CRUNCHBASE - returns list of investors that participated in particular types of funding rounds.
  • COMPANIES_BY_KEYWORDS_CRUNCHBASE - returns list of companies that match given keywords in Crunchbase’s longer description.
  • FUNDING_ROUNDS_CRUNCHBASE - returns funding rounds of companies by type (e.g. series_a) and more.

We also added one parameter to 2 existing functions, total_funding to COMPANIES_BY_SIZE_CRUNCHBASE and employees to COMPANIES_BY_FUNDING_CRUNCHBASE, respectively. This way you have more flexibility to your queries to get other results.


Last week, we’ve also released a new integration - Infobel.

Infobel allows you to search 186 million companies worldwide based on their location, categories, and sizes, and to retrieve data, such as phone numbers, websites, names of directors or parent company. We simplified your lead gen efforts by building functions that make searching the yellow pages super easy.

With this integration, you will find two types of functions:

  • COMPANIES_OVERVIEW — free functions that retrieve the number of results of a specific search including number of results with phones, website or email based on given criteria;
  • COMPANIES — paid functions that retrieve all the data (name, phone, etc)

This means you can first narrow down your query and see how many results apply to it free of charge. Then you can buy the data on these results in a second step.

For each function type, we then built the following functions:

  • BY_CITY - Get companies that are based on a city.
  • BY_COUNTRY - Get companies that are based on a country
  • BY_POSTCODE - Get companies that have specific postal code.
  • BY_NAME - executes an advanced search to get the specific results based on a set of parameters, including company name, category, sales volume or total employees.