Sending texts with Twilio


Hi dashdashers :v:

Want to send a text from your spreadsheet? Easier done than said :wink::raised_hands:

With our Twilio integration this is possible in 3 easy steps:

  1. Grab a Twilio API key
  2. Connect to Twilio with dashdash
  3. Send texts :calling:

:one: Grab a Twilio API key :one:

If you don’t have a Twilio account yet, sign up for one here. Proceed by creating a new project in your console :computer:

Click on Products, then choose the Programmable SMS field and Continue to the next page.

Type in a project name and then feel free to skip the remainder of the steps :grin:

Create or view your auth token by clicking on it. Now copy your account SID and your auth token somewhere safe. You’ll be needing them in a second :male_detective::female_detective:

:two: Connect to Twilio with dashdash :two:

Go to the Twilio Integration in your dashboard and simply copy-paste your account SID and auth token into the correct fields.


:three: Send texts :three:

And now to the fun part: sending texts from your spreadsheet :calling::star_struck:

A1 = dashdash
A2 = 4917011223344
A3 = Hi there!
A4 = SEND_SMS_TWILIO(A1,"+"&A2,A3)

:raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_man: Note that you need to reference the mobile number as an international one, meaning with +countrycode at the beginning. Since spreadsheets doesn’t recognise + as a string when it stands at the beginning of a cell, we need to use the little workaround in A4 (i.e. "+"&A2).

Now you can send text programmatically from a spreadsheet :astonished: Go ahead, and try building a SMS alert for any of your existing apps :wink:

Happy building :construction_worker_woman::construction_worker_man::construction:


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