Send Slack messages out of your spreadsheet!


Hey everyone :male_detective::female_detective::construction_worker_man::construction_worker_woman::man_superhero::woman_superhero::man_technologist::woman_technologist::man_cook::woman_cook: !

With our latest integration - :fireworks: Slack :fireworks: - you can send messages to your colleagues (or yourself) from a cell. How cool is that?! :nerd_face::sunglasses:

  1. Connect to Slack
  2. Get a list of channels/users
  3. Start sending messages :email:

:one: Connect to Slack :one:

In your dashboard, navigate to the Slack integration and connect to it. And the setup is already done!

:two: Get a list of channels/users :two:

You can now request a list of all users or groups within your Slack network. For our example, we will list all users. First, we’ll have to send the request, and then we will PARSE the list of users:

          B1 = LIST_USERS_SLACK()
A2 = 0    B2 = PARSE(B$1,"["&A2&"].['name']")  
A3 = 1    B3 = PARSE(B$1,"["&A3&"].['name']") 
A4 = 2    B4 = PARSE(B$1,"["&A4&"].['name']") 
An = n-2  Bn = PARSE(B$1,"["&An&"].['name']") 

:three: Start sending messages :three:

Pick a name from the list of contacts, and send a message! It is actually as simple as it sounds :hugs:

E2 = A small step for dashdash :dashdash:, but a giant step for computation :parrot:

And this is what it looks like in action :movie_camera::point_down:

Need some inspiration?! You could use Slack to send yourself notification, as suggested by user @pedropalmares in his post.

Happy building :construction::building_construction::construction_worker_man::construction_worker_woman: