Send emails with dashdash!


Hello hello :wave:

With the Email integration you can now send emails from your spreadsheet. No payment, no prior setup, no hassle :astonished::grin:

Just follow these steps:

  1. Activate the Email integration
  2. Start sending emails :email:

:one: Activate the Email integration :one:

In your dashboard you need to activate the Email integration by clicking the connect button. And, you’re done :triumph:

:two: Start sending emails :two:

The function in itself is quite straight forward; let’s have a look :mag:

= SEND_EMAIL(from, to, [subject], [content], [bcc], [reply_to])
  • from: must be in correct email format; will be added as a reply-to. All emails are sent via .
  • to: email or comma-separated list of emails.
  • [subject]: subject line of email; optional parameter.
  • [content]: content to be send, in html; optional parameter.
  • [bcc]: email or comma-separate list of emails; optional parameter.
  • [reply_to]: email address to which the recipient may reply to.

You can use basic text in the [content] parameter. Or, you could use HTML, a standardized markup language for formatting font, design and graphics of web pages or applications. Read up on HTML tags and format the content body just like in a real email :muscle:

:email: Let’s trial this :email:

A1 =
B1 =  B2 = Güven
C1 = demo purposes
D1 = "Hi "&B2&",<br><br>this is just a test. <br><br>Cheerio!"
E1 = 
F1 = 
G1 = SEND_EMAIL(A1, B1, C1,  D1, E1, F1)

And this is what your email could look alike :point_down::star_struck:


Looks good, doesn’t it :heart_eyes: Use the integration to send automated emails to your contacts, or simply setup email notifications for yourself :raised_hands:

Happy building :construction::building_construction::construction_worker_man::construction_worker_woman:


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