Quick guide on how to use Integrations

Hello, everyone! :wave:

we recently rolled out integrations, which made it a lot easier to interact with integrated services :heart_eyes::muscle: How easy you ask, I’ll show you!

Let’s use our Google Translate integration in 4 easy steps!

  1. Grab an API key.
  2. Insert API key.
  3. Check documentation.
  4. Start translating!

Grab an API key
To get an API key to the Google Cloud Platform follow our documentation here.

Insert API key into Google Translate integration

  1. Copy your API key, navigate to our integrations dashboard and click on connect.

  2. Insert your key :woman_technologist::man_technologist:.

  3. Aaaaaaand… you’re done :grin: Under My integrations you can always check up on all the integrations that you have connected to.

Check up on the Google Translate specific documentation

Let’s go ahead and translate :speech_balloon:
Thanks to the function bar we know the exact syntax to use!

A1: That was too easy!
B1: =TRANSLATE_GOOGLE(A1," ","de")

/hits enter

A1: That was too easy!
B1: Das war zu einfach!

Et voila, you are translating like a pro!

No GET requested to the Google Translate API, no parameter searching and no PARSEing of the JSON :triumph:

All of this within one simple function … integrations FTW :star_struck::partying_face: