Pull company or personal data from FullContact


Hello my dear dashdashers :wave:

we have another built-in integration for data enrichment tasks …drumroll… FullContact :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball::fireworks:

Let’s go through the steps to get you started:

  1. Get an API key for FullContact
  2. Connect your dashdash and FullContact accounts
  3. Start using the FullContact integration :muscle:

:one: Get an API key for FullContact :one:

If you don’t have a FullContact account yet, go ahead and register for one. Once you’ve got an account, create an API key in your dashboard. Make sure to copy the key somewhere safe :nerd_face:

:two: Connect your dashdash and FullContact accounts :two:

Simply navigate to your dashdash dashboard and connect to the FullContact integration with your API key. As simple as pie :pie::star_struck:

:three: Start using the FullContact integration :three:

We have three different FullContact functions for you :exploding_head: We will go through them individually :sunglasses:

First, let’s look at the function for company data enrichment :mag::office:

B2 = apple.com
C2 = PARSE(A2,"['name']")

Start parsing for the right company data and your sheet will soon look like this :astonished::point_down:

On to the next function: data enrichment for people :mag::walking_man::walking_woman:

In B2 you can enter an email address, twitter handle or international phone number to identify a user.

B2 = elonmusk
C2 = PARSE(A2,"['contactInfo'].['givenName']")

Once again, there is much more information in the data file in A2. So go ahead, and parse for the info you need :male_detective::female_detective:

Last but not least our function to verify an email address by crosschecking it with the FullContact database :mag::email:

B2 = tcook@apple.com
C2 = PARSE(A2,"['emails'].['"&B2&"'].['message']")

And this is how you use the FullContact integration :partying_face: :balloon:

Happy building :construction_worker_man::construction_worker_woman::building_construction::construction: