Publish your spreadsheets as web forms


Sometimes you want to share your spreadsheets with your colleagues, customers or with the world. With Publishing, you can easily transform your spreadsheet into a form that can be shared online.

Publishing a spreadsheet

Let’s imagine you built a stock tracker and want to transform it into a form so that your team can track stock prices anytime.

We’ve turned A2 into a input and B2 into a button to make our app interactive. You will need to add these action elements so people can use your app.

To publish the spreadsheet as an app, simply go to the globe icon on the sidebar and select which views to publish. In the published views your audience will use the input fields, buttons, or checkboxes you added to the spreadsheet.

In our case, we will publish the live tracker as a form and will keep the over view unpublished for later.

Just click “PUBLISH AS APP” and voilá, your app is now live. Copy the app link from your clipboard to a new browser tab and start using your app. No formulas, cells and other spreadsheety things :muscle:

Insert data from your form to another view

Adding data from a form to a log is also pretty easy. To do it, you will need a published view (the form) and a non-published view (the log).

Then, we’ll just add a formula to the published view that, whenever the button is clicked, it sends the ticker and price to table inside our log view. We use the INSERT function to add this logic to our spreadsheet.

Now, our log will always collect the data coming from the form.

That is it! With Publishing, you can create a web form 100% based on a spreadsheet, using all the integrations and functions that you need.

This is cool, but what’s next?

Soon, you will be able to publish shareable views, great to build reports, lists and other applications where you need information to shared across groups of people.

We can’t wait to hear what you build :building_construction:

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best way to enhance the product visibility.I am from the start since this tool was in beta.I hope this will not charge me anything in future as a goodwill gesture whenever they release their paid plans as i had voted it up in producthunt also.It will become best tool in future with few further tweaks.
in backend spreadsheet to be combined with designerview in frontend.if both this combination apply,this tool can beat any tool in market be it airtable,stackby,fiery,sheet2site,excel2app.

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