*New* Twitter Integration

After many requests, the Twitter integration is finally here!

The new integration allows you to follow users, post tweets, monitor different hashtags, keywords, and mentions, and more. You can also combine it with other integrations like Slack and Gmail to help automate your growth processes or with the News API integration to automate the tweeting of relevant articles and posts.

We will take a quick look at the integration to help you get started right away with it!


The Twitter integration offers 5 custom functions.

  • FOLLOW_USER_TWITTER: Follows a twitter user. Limited to 400 new users per day.
  • GET_FOLLOWERS_TWITTER: Gets the followers count of a Twitter account.
  • GET_FOLLOWING_TWITTER: Gets the following count of a Twitter account.
  • POST_TWEET_TWITTER: Posts a tweet from your account. Limited to 1,000 tweets per day.
  • SEARCH_TWEETS_TWITTER: Gets the top 100 tweets based on a search query.


  • username: Twitter handle of the user.

E.g. FOLLOW_USER_TWITTER("dashdash") follows dashdash on Twitter and returns the account information.


  • username: Twitter handle of the user.

E.g. GET_FOLLOWERS_TWITTER("dashdash") returns the followers count of dashdash on Twitter.


  • username: Twitter handle of the user.

E.g. GET_FOLLOWING_TWITTER("dashdash") returns the following count of dashdash on Twitter.


  • text: Tweet text to post.

E.g. POST_TWEET_TWITTER("Hello") posts a tweet with the text “Hello” to your connected account.


  • query: Keyword, hashtag, or mention to search for (e.g. dashdash, #dashdash, or @dashdash).
  • type: Specifies the type of search results returned:
    • "recent" returns the most recent tweets.
    • "popular" returns the most popular tweets.
    • "mixed" returns both popular and real-time tweets.
  • date: Returns tweets posted before a specific date, formatted as YYYY-MM-DD. Limited to the 7 previous days.
  • language: Language of the tweet, define using the language ISO 639-1 code.

E.g. SEARCH_TWEETS_TWITTER("dashdash","recent",,"de") returns the most recent tweets about dashdash in German.

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To try out the Twitter integration, you can get started with these pre-built templates:

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