*New* Integration Spotlight: Google Search Console


If you’re a complete SEO speed demon, or just want to delve deeper into analytics for your site, then our Google Search Console integration is for you!

API limits

For each execution, we return up to 100 responses.


Function Description
GET_WEBSITE_PERFORMANCE_SEARCH_CONSOLE Get the performance of your site from Google Search Console.


Use GET_WEBSITE_PERFORMANCE_SEARCH_CONSOLE to easily get insights about your site’s performance from Google Search Console, including the impressions, clicks, and position. You can also define the date range, how to aggregate the data, and also filter your results according to some criteria.

Use the Report recommended table to get the performance metrics and dimensions into a table with just one click.


GET_WEBSITE_PERFORMANCE_SEARCH_CONSOLE(domain_or_url, target_type, [date_range], [dimensions], [filter1])

Parameter Mandatory Description
domain_or_url Yes The URL or domain of the property defined in Google Search Console for which you want to get performance metrics. For example: "https://mashable.com" or "apple.com".
target_type Yes The property target used to perform your request. Choose either "URL" or "domain".
date_range No Date range to get metrics for. For example: ">2020-02-15" or "[2019-01-01;2019-01-20]".n By default, it gets the last three months.
dimensions No One or more GSC dimensions to group the performance metrics by, separated by commas. For example: "country,page".
For a list of possible dimensions, check GSC’s documentation.
filter1 No Filter the performance metrics according to a GSC dimension. For example: "country" or "query".
criterion1 No The pattern to apply to filter1. For example: "usa" or "*vat search*". Note: The country code must be a three-letter ISO 3166-1 code.

:memo: Note: You have to put your criterion in quotation marks. You can use the * wildcard character to match zero or more characters. To match an asterisk, just prefix it with a tilde ~, for example: "Amazing~*~"."


To get statistics for http://techcrunch.com set up as a URL in Google Search Console:


To get statistics for dashdash.com, a domain, since 2020-02-15, grouped by page where people from germany looked for something matching vat search:
=GET_WEBSITE_PERFORMANCE_SEARCH_CONSOLE("dashdash.com","domain",">2020-02-15","page","country", "deu", "query","*vat search*")

To get statistics for dashdash.com, a domain, since 2020-02-15, grouped by country, page, and query, where people looked for something matching spreadsheets:

Get website performance example


And there you have it - ever think it could be that easy? Go on then, build something cool :rocket:!