Interactive spreadsheets 3: input fields

Input fields

So far we’ve talked about buttons and checkboxes, covering some pretty cool implementations along the way too. Well, for the last article of the series, let’s have a look at input fields. They allow your users to actually enter data. Of course, this doesn’t make much sense when you’re using dashdash in editing mode. But, when you publish your spreadsheets (and turn them into a web app), well, then input fields really come in handy when you want to create calculators and forms.

We’ll cover how to insert input fields into your spreadsheets and then how to quickly and easily create a published web app with input fields to share with the world :world_map: .

Adding an input field

To add an input field to a cell:

  1. Select the cell where you want the button to appear.
  2. In the editor bar, go to More action elements and select Input field.
Add an input field example

And that’s it!

If you know how to use buttons and to publish your spreadsheets, then there’s not much that you can’t create. And that’s the beauty of dashdash - once you get a few building blocks under your belt, it becomes quick and easy to build tools anyone can use.

Creating a web app with input fields

Let’s create a simple company search web application that’ll where a user can enter a company domain and when they click search, it’ll return the results from Crunchbase.

All we need to do is set up a view with the following content:

Cell Content
A1 Company name
A2 Input field
B1 Location
B2 Input field
C2 =IF(C2="Get Data",OVERWRITE_DATA(PARSE(GET_COMPANY_DETAIL_CRUNCHBASE(A2,B2),"['organizations']"),A5:5),"Enter a company name")

And that’s it! It should look a little like this when you’re all done:

Now all we need to do is publish the app, and we can send it out to the world to be used!


For this tutorial, the only challenge we have for you is to take the app that you built in part two of the series, add a few input fields, and publish it! When you’re done, post them in the comments so that we can see what you’ve come up with :slight_smile:


This might’ve been a short article, but input fields are really quite easy to use. And if you know how to use some of our automation functions, you can easily create calculators, questionnaires, booking systems, and more!

If you need some inspiration, you can always have a look at our Validate Company Tech Stack app, just to see what else you can do.

And now all that’s left for you all to do is to take what you’ve learned in this series and built to your heart’s content :rocket:!