Interactive spreadsheet tutorial series


Why hello there! Have you ever wondered how to make your spreadsheets a bit more interactive? Maybe you’ve wanted to have users click a button, provide some input, or maybe automate actions only after someone’s checked a box?

Well, you’re in luck! This week we’re kicking off a new three-part tutorial series: Interactive spreadsheets :star_struck:. Here’s what we’ll cover over the next few days:

Interactive spreadsheets 1: Buttons

In part one, we’ll talk a little but about buttons, how to add them, use them, and even create a pretty cool app where we put it all together!

Interactive spreadsheets 2: Checkboxes

In part two, we’ll dive deep into checkboxes, check out a pretty cool “hack” by our spreadsheet specialist Sourabh, and then extend our app from part one with some checkboxes and automation functions :metal:.

Interactive spreadsheets 3: Input fields and published apps

In the final part, we’ll have a look at input fields (they’re pretty simple), and then see how we can turn out spreadsheet into a fully-functioning web app that you can share with the world.

So, there’s not much to say for now but - let’s get building :rocket:!