Integration spotlight: ZeroBounce


With the ZeroBounce integration you can quickly and easily check if an email is valid.

API limits

Each function execution costs $0.01.


Function Description
VERIFY_EMAIL_ZEROBOUNCE Verify if an email is valid or not.


Use VERIFY_EMAIL_ZEROBOUNCE to quickly check whether or not an email address is valid. And to make things even faster, just use our Email status recommended row.

If you’re not sure what a returned status means, check out ZeroBounce’s documentation.



Parameter Mandatory Description
email Yes The email address to verify. For example: "".


To check whether or not is a valid email:


Verify email example


It might seem simple, but when you combine it with some of our other integrations, especially when you’re tracking lead generation or enriching your CRM, it can save you a lot of headaches. On that note, why not check out these templates:

So - ready to build a something cool :rocket:?