Integration spotlight: VAT Search


With our VAT Search integration it’s simple to get the VAT ID, number, full name, and address of any company in Australia, Europe, or New Zealand.

Pricing and API limits

Each function execution costs $0.04 and will return as many results as possible according to dashdash’s cell limits.
VAT-Search doesn’t impose any request limits, but they recommend you don’t perform more than 20 requests per second.


Our VAT Search integration has the following function:

Function Description
FIND_COMPANY_VAT_VATSEARCH Get a company’s VAT number or its name.


Use FIND_COMPANY_VAT_VATSEARCH to get the full name, VAT number, and address of a company. To make things a bit quicker, you can also use recommended rows and tables:

  • Company address (row) to get the registered address of the Company
  • Companies (table) to get the names, VAT IDs, numbers, statuses, and address of your results


FIND_COMPANY_VAT_VATSEARCH(name_or_VAT, [country_code], [address])

Parameter Mandatory Description
name_or_VAT Yes Company name or VAT ID. For example: "dashdash" or "PT514227060".
country_code No The two-letter ISO country code to filter results by. Supports Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. For example: "de" or "nz".
address No The company’s address. For example: "Berlin" or "1459 København K".


To get detailed information for feedzai, located in coimbra portugal:


Find company VAT example


Nice and simple - just how we like it. With our VAT-Search integration, we make it easy for you to get the right information about a company.

And to make things even quicker, try out our VAT-Search templates:

So go on then, build :rocket: !

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