Integration spotlight: Twilio


With our Twilio integration we make SMS campaigns easy as pie :cake:!


Our Twilio integration has the following functions:

Function Description
VIEW_SMS_TWILIO Get the status of an SMS sent using Twilio.

:memo:Note: Please make sure that you send SMSs responsibly. That is, only send SMSs to people for whom you’ve received consent to contact. For more information, see section 5 of our Terms of Use.


Use SEND_SMS_TWILIO to send SMSs to your contacts. You can quickly get the status and ID of your sent SMS using the SMS status recommended row.


SEND_SMS_TWILIO(from, to, body, [messaging_service])

Parameter Mandatory Description
from The Twilio number or alphanumeric name. For example: "42670906107" or "John Doe".
to The phone number to send the SMS to. For example: "33670922107".
body The text to send. For example: "I sent this from dashdash!".
messaging_service The ID of the Twilio Messaging Service to use. For example: "MG9752274e9e519418a7406176694466fa".
If supplied, the from parameter is ignored.


To send an SMS from 16********* , to a contact you have in your account, 351*********, with the text Apps just with spreadsheets!

=SEND_SMS_TWILIO("16*********","351********","Apps just with spreadsheets!")

Send SMS example


Use VIEW_SMS_TWILIO to get the delivery status, log, and content of an SMS sent using Twilio. To get the delivery status of your SMS, just use the SMS status recommended row :wink:.



Parameter Mandatory Description
message_sid The ID of the SMS in Twilio. For example: "29843397453401630410".
You can find the SMS ID in the JSON response of a sent SMS.


To get the log status of a Twilio SMS with an ID of SM******************************5:


View SMS example


So, now you’re ready to manage your SMS campaigns straight from dashdash! But of course, you could just use our ready-made Send SMS with Twilio template to get started right away.

Build those apps, build :rocket: !