Integration spotlight: TrackJobChanges


Our TrackJobChanges integration makes keeping track of your contacts and their jobs a breeze, so you’ll never be left wondering “where are they now” :smile:.

Pricing and API limits

Each execution costs $0.04, and the API returns as much data as is possible within dashdash’s cell limits.


Our TrackJobChanges integration has the following function:

Function Description
CHECKER_TRACKJOBCHANGES Lookup a contact using an email and find if they changed jobs


Use CHECKER_TRACKJOBCHANGES to find out if one of your contacts has recently changed their job. You can use these recommended tables to quickly access the most important information with just one click:

  • Job status to see if your contact has a new job
  • Starting employment to get their starting employment, including their work email address, company, title, employment start and end dates.
  • Current employment to get their current position, company, title, employment start and end dates.


CHECKER_TRACKJOBCHANGES(email, company, first_name, last_name, [title])

Parameter Mandatory Description
email Yes Email address of contact. For example: "".
company Yes Company name. For example: "Expedia".
first_name Yes First name of the contact. For example: "Dara".
last_name Yes Last name of the contact. For example: "Khosrowshahi".
title No Job title of the contact. For example: "CMO"


To see if someone called Jeff Bezos has changed their position at amazon:


Checker example


So now with TrackJobChanges you can keep track of your contacts, and hit them up whenever you need a favor :wink:. And we’ve helped you automate the process with our Track job changes with Slack alerts template - you really should check it out.

Go on then, get to it :rocket:!