Integration spotlight: SendGrid


Our SendGrid integration lets you simplify your email and alert process, and maximize your efficiency using our automation functions.

API limits

You can send up to 10,000 emails per second with up to 1000 recipients per email.


Our SendGrid integration currently offers the following function:

Function Description


Use SEND_EMAIL_SENDGRID to quickly and easily send HTML-formatted emails. And if you need to quickly make sure that your email was sent correctly, use the Email status recommended row.


SEND_EMAIL_SENDGRID(from, to, [subject], [content], [bcc], [reply_to])

Parameter Mandatory Description
from Yes The email of the sender. For example: "".
to Yes One or more email address to send the email to. For example: "" or ",".
subject No The subject of the email. For example: "Built an app with a spreadsheet!".
content No The content body to send. For example: "How cool is this!?".nThe content can be formated in HTML.
bcc No One or more email addresses to send a blind carbon copy to. For example: "" or ",".
reply_to No The email address the recipient can send a reply to. For example: "".


To send an email from d**********@******.com to d**********@******.com with a subject line of Email from a spreadsheet and the body content of Yeah, that's right - I sent this from a <b>spreadsheet</b>!:

=SEND_EMAIL_SENDGRID("d**********@******.com","d*************@******.com","Email from a spreadsheet","Yeah, that's right - I sent this from a <b>spreadsheet</b>!")

Send email example


And just like that, you can set up your email campaigns quickly and easily straight from a spreadsheet in dashdash! And to kickstart your next project, why not checkout our Send emails with SendGrid template?

And all that’s left to do now is to build, build, build :rocket: !