Integration spotlight: SEMRush


Want to benchmark your web traffic against your competitors? Well then, our SEMrush integration has got you covered!


Each function execution costs $0.01.


Function Description
TRAFFIC_SUMMARY_SEMRUSH Get the monthly traffic summary for a specific domain.


Use TRAFFIC_SUMMARY_SEMRUSH to get monthly visits, unique visits, pages per visit, average visit duration, mobile vs. desktop traffic percentages, and bounce rate for a domain. And to make things even easier to get the ranking, visits, unique visitors, and visit duration, use our one-click recommended rows:

  • Desktop traffic
  • Mobile traffic
  • Total traffic


TRAFFIC_SUMMARY_SEMRUSH(domain, [date], [country])

Parameter Mandatory Description
domain Yes The domain of the website. For example: "".
date No The first day of the month of the report, in YYYY-MM-01 format. For example: "2020-02-01".
country No A two-digit ISO 3166-1 country code or country name to filter traffic data for. For example: "US" or "USA"


To get the Polish traffic details of for the month of May:


Traffic summary example


So, that’s that - ready to start benchmarking? You can always get a headstart and try our Get website traffic metrics template to get started right away.

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