Integration spotlight: News API


The News API integration lets you get articles from around the world based on a given query.

API limits

If you are on a free plan, the following limits apply:

  • up to 500 requests per day
  • up to 100 responses per request
  • up to 30 days of lookback from current date.

For more information, see the News API pricing documentation.


Function Description
ARTICLES_NEWS_API Get articles based on keywords, language, source, and publishing date.


Use ARTICLES_NEWS_API in combination with keywords, date ranges, languages, and domains, to get related news articles links. Use the Articles recommended table to automatically get all the results into a table.


ARTICLES_NEWS_API(keywords, [date], [language], [domains], [exclude_domains], [sort])

Parameter Mandatory Description
keywords Yes One or more keywords to search article for. For example: "SpaceX" or "Elon Musk, SpaceX, launch" .
date No Date or date range in YYYY-MM-DD format to limit the search for. For example: ">2019-06-01" or "[2020-05-05;2020-06-05]".
language No Language of the news articles, given as a two-letter ISO 3166-1 language code. By default, it returns articles in all languages. For example: "en" or "en,fr".
domains No One or more domains to search. For example: "" or ",".
exclude_domains No Domains to exclude from the search. For example: "" or ",".
sort No Order to get results. Choose either:
- "relevancy" to get articles that are most relevant to your keywords first
- "popularity" to get articles from popular sources and published first
- "publishedAt" to get the newest articles first (default)


To get en articles relating to tesla, elon musk, and spacex, with a date range between 2020-07-07 and 2020-08-01, sorted by relevancy, but not from,, or

=ARTICLES_NEWS_API("tesla, elon musk, spacex","[2020-07-07;2020-08-01]","en",,",,","relevancy")

News API Elon Musk example


Now it couldn’t be easier for you to find a whole host of articles - but we’ve gone above and beyond and created these templates:

So I guess this next part won’t be news to you, but go on, show us what you build :rocket:!