Integration spotlight: MessageBird


Use our MessageBird integration, combined with our powerful automation functions, to easily manage your SMS campaigns directly from a spreadsheet.


Our MessageBird integration has the following functions:

Function Description
VIEW_SMS_MESSAGEBIRD Get the status of an SMS.

:memo:Note: Please make sure that you send SMSs responsibly. That is, only send SMSs to people for whom you’ve received consent to contact. For more information, see section 5 of our Terms of Use.


Use SEND_SMS_MESSAGEBIRD to send SMSs from your spreadsheet. And if you need to get the ID of the SMS as well as it’s status, use the SMS status recommended row.


SEND_SMS_MESSAGEBIRD(from, to, body)

Parameter Mandatory Description
from Yes The MessageBird number or alphanumeric name. For example: "+42670906107" or "John Doe".
to Yes The phone number to send the SMS to. For example: "+33670922107".
body Yes The text to send. For example: "I sent this from dashdash!".


To send an SMS from dashdash , to a contact you have in your account, +351*********, with the text Spreadsheets rule!:

SEND_SMS_MESSAGEBIRD("dashdash",+351*********,"Spreadsheets rule!")

Send SMS example


Use VIEW_SMS_MESSAGEBIRD to check the delivery status of the message as well as its content. If you need to quickly check the status, just use the SMS status recommended row.



Parameter Mandatory Description
id Yes The ID of the SMS in MessageBird. For example: "2984339745340163b0410".
You can find the SMS ID in the JSON response of a sent SMS.


To get the status of an SMS with an ID of dd******************************:


View SMS example


And just like that, you can easily manage your SMS campaigns straight from dashdash! Make sure to check out our Send SMS with MessageBird template for a ready-made spreadsheet so that you can get straight into it.

Build away dashdashers :rocket: !