Integration spotlight: Infobip


Easily send SMSs using our Infobip integration - that means you can use dashdash’s powerful automation to make SMS campaigns and alerts a breeze.

API limits

There is no rate limiting for sending SMSs. However, to retrieve SMS content, some throttling may apply.


Function Description
VIEW_SMS_INFOBIP Get the status of an SMS.


Use SEND_SMS_INFOBIP to send SMSs from your Infobip number. To quickly get the status of your SMS as well as its ID, use the Send status recommended data row.


SEND_SMS_INFOBIP(from, to, body, [language])

Parameter Mandatory Description
from Yes The Infobip number or alphanumeric name. For example: "42670906107" or "John Doe".
to Yes The phone number to send the SMS to. For example: "33670922107".
body Yes The text to send. For example: "I sent this from dashdash!".
language No The body’s language character set, given as a two-letter ISO 3166-1 language code. For example: "PT".
Your chosen character set can impact the number of SMSs your account is charged per send.


To send an SMS from your Infobip number 467************* to 351************ with the content of Apps just with spreadsheets!:

=SEND_SMS_INFOBIP("467*************","351************","Apps just with spreadsheets!")

Send SMS example


Use VIEW_SMS_INFOBIP to get the log of your sent SMS, including the delivery status, SMS content, and send date. To quickly get the delivery satus, use the Delivery status recommended data row.



Parameter Mandatory Description
messageId Yes The ID of the SMS in Infobip. For example: "29843397453401630410".
You can find the SMS ID in the JSON response of a sent SMS.


To get the logs for an SMS with an ID of 29895506292201630240:


View SMS example


So that’s pretty much it! It’s easy to inject Infobip into one of your existing spreadsheets to start creating some SMS campaigns ;). And if you want to quickly get your campaign up and going, then look no further than our Send SMS with Infobip template.

Can’t wait to see what you build :rocket:!