Integration spotlight: Google Search - Web


If you want to use your Google Search Engine in dashdash, well, you can! Just connect the Google Custom Search integration, and you’re on your way :smile:.


Function Description
CUSTOM_SEARCH_GOOGLE Perform a Google Custom Search.


Use CUSTOM_SEARCH_GOOGLE to perform searches using your Google Custom Search engine. It’ll retrieve up to 100 search results.


CUSTOM_SEARCH_GOOGLE(query, engineID, [dateRestrict], [records])

Parameter Mandatory Description
query Yes What you want to search. For example: "Apple CEO".
engineID Yes Your Google Custom Search engine ID. For example: "0025716855064922763:delqugmgu9c". Go to Google Custom Search Engine to create one.
dateRestrict No Return results newer than:
- "dN": N days
- "wN": N weeks
- "mN": N months
- "yN": N years
records No The maximum number of records to retrieve (up to 100). For example: 50.


To get the first 50 results for Slack vs Microsoft Teams from the last two weeks using a Custom Search Engine with an ID of 0**************:d*********:

=CUSTOM_SEARCH_GOOGLE("Slack vs Microsoft Teams","0**************:d*********","w2",50)

Custom search example


And now, you can easily use your Custom Search Engine using dashdash, and get all the results into a spreadsheet. Pretty nifty right? You can also just use our Search Google template to just plug in your query and the engine ID to get searching right away.

Search away my friends, search away :rocket:!