Integration spotlight: Google Pagespeed


With our Google PageSpeed integration it couldn’t be easier to benchmark websites and immediately tabulate them inside a spreadsheet.
You can measure website performance for both web and mobile versions of sites as well as gain insights on how to improve the SEO, performance, and accessibility of your sites.

Pricing and API limits

Each function execution costs $0.01 and returns the Google PageSpeed analysis in full.


Function Description
PAGESPEED_GOOGLE Run a PageSpeed analysis on a URL.


Use PAGESPEED_GOOGLE to get a detailed analysis of a given URL. We’ve added a few recommended rows as well so that you don’t need to navigate through the JSON.

Also, if you need a refresher of what certain analysis terms mean, make sure to check Google’s PageSpeed documentation.

PAGESPEED_GOOGLE(url, [strategy])

Parameter Mandatory Description
url Yes The URL of the page. For example: "".
strategy No The URL page version. Choose either:
- "desktop" to get an analysis of the desktop version (default)
- "mobile" to get an analysis of the mobile version


To get the PageSpeed analytics for the desktop version of


To get the PageSpeed analytics for the mobile version of


PageSpeed example


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