Integration spotlight: Gmail


Our Gmail integration is a great way to send and check up on your emails.


Function Description
SEND_GMAIL Send an email with Gmail.
SEARCH_GMAIL Search for emails in your Gmail account.
GET_GMAIL Get the contents of an email.


Use SEND_GMAIL to send emails using your Gmail account straight from dashdash. And if you need the email ID of any sent message, just use the Email ID recommended row.


SEND_GMAIL(to, [subject], [content], [bcc], [reply_to])

Parameter Mandatory Description
to Yes One or more email addresses. For example: "" or ",,".
subject No Subject of the email. For example: "You have to try this app!".
content No The body content to send. Supports HTML formatting. For example: "This new product will <b>supercharge<b> your lead generation.".
bcc No One or more email addresses to send a blind carbon copy. For example: "" or ",,".
reply_to No Email address to which the recipient can reply to. For example: ""


To send an email to *****************@********.com", with the subject Spreadsheets - hell yeah! and the content This is <b>brilliant</b>!:

=SEND_GMAIL("*****************@********.com","Spreadsheets - hell yeah!","This is <b>brilliant</b>!")

Send email example


Use SEARCH_GMAIL to get a list of email from your inbox based on some search terms or labels. And if you’re feeling lucky, use the Email details recommended row to get the ID, send date, subject, and contents.


SEARCH_GMAIL(query, [lucky])

Parameter Mandatory Description
query Yes One or more search terms or labels. For example: "Business meeting" or "label:ChristmasParty".
lucky No Whether or not you’re feeling “lucky”. Choose either:
- false to get a list of emails (default)
- true to get the entire contents of the first result


To get a list of emails that have spreadsheets somewhere in them:


Search email example


Use GET_GMAIL when you want to get details about an email you’ve sent from your Gmail account. And to quickly get the subject and content of an email, just use the Email content recommended row.



Parameter Mandatory Description
id Yes The email ID. For example: "1739fe1155ed386e". Use the SEARCH_GMAIL() function to get the ID.


To get details for an email with an ID of 1***************:


Get email example


And just like that, you can combine your Gmail account with the power of dashdash’s automation. And just in case you don’t know where to start, why not try out these templates?

So, go, build something :rocket: :wink: