Integration spotlight: Email


Want to send emails quickly and easily? Then all you need to do is connect dashdash’s own Email integration!


You can send up to 20 emails per hour, with up to 20 total recipients per email (to + bbc + reply-to = total recipients).


Function Description
SEND_EMAIL Send an email using dashdash.

:memo: Note: Please send emails responsibly, that is, only send emails to people that you have permission to contact.


Use SEND_EMAIL to send emails straight from your spreadsheet. If you need to see whether the email was successfully sent, then use the Email status recommended row.


SEND_EMAIL(from, to, [subject], [content], [bcc], [reply_to])

Parameter Mandatory Description
from Yes Emails are always sent via However, from parameter is added as the reply-to for the recipient. For example: "".
to Yes One or more email addresses to send the email to. For example: "" or ",".
subject No Subject of the email. For example: "New no-code tool!".
content No The content to send, in HTML. For example: "Spreadsheets are <b>awesome</b>"
bcc No One or more email addresses to send a blind carbon copy to. For example: "" or ",".
reply_to No Email address to which the recipient may reply to. For example: "".


To send an email to from, with a subject of Emails form a spreadsheet and the content Hey!<br>This was sent from a <b>spreadsheet</b>!:

=SEND_EMAIL("","","Emails from a spreadsheet", "Hey!<br>This was sent from a <b>spreadsheet</b>!")

Send email example


Nice, simple, and to the point - we know :wink:. And naturally, we’ve already got a great Send emails template to get you started.

Go ahead then, build some emails :rocket:!