How to use the Alpha Vantage integration


Hello, dashdash-community! :robot:

Recently we have launched our Alpha Vantage integration; it has never been easier to get stock price and foreign exchange data :rocket::partying_face:

And the best thing about it: for dashdash users it’s for free! No sign up. No API key. No payment :astonished::exploding_head:

Let’s get you started in 3 easy step:

  1. Connect to Alpha Vantage
  2. Get stock data via the integration
  3. Get foreign exchange data via the integration

:one: Connect to Alpha Vantage :one:

This step is super simple. Just navigate to your dashboard and activate the Alpha Vantage intergation by clicking connect.

And you’re done. On to the next step :muscle:

:two: Get stock data via the integration :two:

As mentioned before, with the integration getting stock price data is as easy as it gets! First, we will search for Apple’s stock ticker, and then we will request stock price data:

A2 = Apple
C2 = PARSE(B2,"['bestMatches'][0].['1. symbol']")
E2 = PARSE(D2,"['Global Quote'].['05. price']")

The data file in D2 holds a lot more information about the stock. Also, there are more Alpha Vantage functions for stocks (i.a. daily, weekly, monthly). Go ahead, build your own stock price tracker and check it out. It could look just like this app :point_down::smiley:

:three: Get foreign exchange data via the integration :three:

Now, let’s try the same with our foreign exchange functions! Here it goes:

A2 = EUR
B2 = USD
D2 = PARSE(C2,"['Realtime Currency Exchange Rate'].['5. Exchange Rate']")

In D2 you got your exchange rate for EUR/USD, plus some more information. As for stocks, we have several functions for foreign exchange rates. Go and try it out, you might end up with :point_down::wink:

Did I promise too much?! It was quite easy, wasn’t it :star_struck:

Happy building :construction_worker_man::construction_worker_woman::building_construction::construction:


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