Generate leads through LinkedIn

Hi fellow dashdashers,

How about combining two integrations to build a simple but effective lead generation tool? We will use the Google Custom Search and integrations to build a contact and email finder app :muscle:

  1. Connect to Google Custom Search Engine
  2. Connect to
  3. Find contacts within a company
  4. Get email addresses for contacts

:one: Connect to Google Custom Search Engine :one:

Follow our guides on how to get an API key for the Google Cloud Platform and subsequently set up your own Google Custom Search Engine. Finally navigate to the integrations dashboard and connect to GCSE

:two: Connect to :two:

Go to and create an account. Then find your API key and use it to connect to the integration… setup, done

:three: Find contacts within a company :three:

On to the fun parts! Let’s start by finding contacts within a desired company. For this, we are using the restricted site CSE that is only searching on LinkedIn :mag:

A2 =
C2 = CEO

Amazing; we just got our search results back in D2. We will PARSE for the title (i.e. LinkedIn title) and then filter out the name. It’s quite simple, check it out

E2 = PARSE(D2,"['items'][0].['title']")

This, however, returns the full title. We are looking for first and last name only. So let’s do some spreadsheet magic adjust our function in E2

E2 = LEFT(PARSE(D2,"['items'][0].['title']"),FIND("-",PARSE(D2,"['items'][0].['title']"))-2)

If done correctly, your spreadsheet will thank you with the following


:four: Get email addresses for contacts :four:

Now it’s time to utilize the integration to find email addresses for the contacts you just identified. Follow these instruction and you’ll have those emails in no time :wink:

B2 =
E2 = Satya Nadella
F2 = LEFT(E2,FIND(" ",E2))
G2 = RIGHT(E2,(LEN(E2)-FIND(" ",E2)))
I2 = PARSE(H2,"['data'].['email']")," ")

Et voilà, you just got an email from


You can now programmatically identify right contacts in a company and then find their email addresses

Happy building :building_construction:


is there a way to search LinkedIn within a geography? like just people that are software engineers at Google in Canada?

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Hi @auren,

Yes, there are currently two ways you can do this:

  1. By adding it to the search query
    =SEARCH_LINKEDIN_PERSON_GOOGLE("Software Engineer Canada")
    The default type parameter is “open” which looks up the search query on the entire pages including the specified location.

  2. By using the “country” parameter
    =SEARCH_LINKEDIN_PERSON_GOOGLE("Software Engineer",,"ca")
    This allows you to only return localized results. So by specifying “ca”, it will return LinkedIn profiles starting with “” which are profiles from Canada.

Please let me know if you have any questions.