Dashdash functions: ACCOUNT()


The ACCOUNT() function lets you select which of your integration accounts to use when calling an integration function.

This is particularly useful if you have two or more of the same integrations connected in dashdash, but want to send or receive data separately for each one. Each integration needs to have a unique name.

:memo: Note: We recommend that you do not nest the ACCOUNT() function within other functions.


ACCOUNT(function, account)

Parameter Mandatory Description
function Yes The integration function you want to execute. For example: GET_ACCOUNT_INSIGHTS_INSTAGRAM()
account Yes The unique name of the integration account you want to use. For example: instagram.dashdash
Create unique names for integrations

To create a unique name for an integration:

  1. Go to My integrations.
  2. Place your cursor over the integration you want to rename and click the Edit edit-icon icon.
  3. Enter the unique name for that integration and press Enter.


Say you have three Instagram accounts connected to your dashdash account. You want get account metrics using GET_ACCOUNT_INSIGHTS_INSTAGRAM() for all your accounts in one spreadsheet. Then you would simply do the following:

Instagram username Integration name ACCOUNT() formula
dashdash.berlin instagram.berlin =ACCOUNT(GET_ACCOUNT_INSIGHTS_INSTAGRAM("dashdash.berlin"), "instagram.berlin")
dashdash.porto instagram.porto =ACCOUNT(GET_ACCOUNT_INSIGHTS_INSTAGRAM("dashdash.porto"), "instagram.porto")
dashdash.remote instagram.remote =ACCOUNT(GET_ACCOUNT_INSIGHTS_INSTAGRAM("dashdash.remote"), "instagram.remote")


And that’s it! With ACCOUNT() you can easily use several of the same integrations at the same time without needing to disconnect and reconnect each one individually. Combined with your integration function of choice, you can now build advanced spreadsheets with key metrics and insights using multiple integrations :heart_eyes:.