An overview of dashdash's unique features

Welcome to dashdash!

dashdash is where you create custom tools using only the spreadsheet skills you already have. You can type formulas in cells and connect to online services, grab data and automate your app with the functions you already know. No scripts, no plug-ins.

What is unique about dashdash?

  1. Data and APIs for You.
    • Why: To leverage the internet like web developers, minus the hassle.
    • How: Add integrations to handle emails, slack, maps, Lead Gen, CRMs and more!
    • Hackers: Use GET(), POST() and PUT() to talk to APIs. Parse responses with json.
  2. Automation for your cells.
    • Why: To refresh data and actions periodically, even when offline.
    • How: Use REFRESH(range, ...) to make a range of cells refresh every minute, hour (default), month, etc. It’s very powerful!
  3. Smart at handling data.
    • Why: To Update and Insert rows from a table into another without lifting a finger.
    • How:
      • Use INSERT() to insert rows from a source table into a target table.
      • Use INSERT_DATA() to insert from data (JSON) instead of rows.
      • Use UPDATE() to update rows that match keys. If there’s no match, it inserts them.
      • Use UPDATE_DATA() to update from data (JSON) instead of rows.
    • Hackers: Also check FILL().

Our team is working hard to build even more new functions and features.
We want to provide you with a modular way of building your apps.

Limitations: dashdash gets monthly updates on functionality, stability and performance. Check Dashdash limits to know the current documented limitations of the platform.