About this forum (READ ME FIRST!) 🙋‍♀️


Welcome to the dashdash Community! :wave: If you’re trying to figure out how to build a particular app, looking for some pro tips to create more advanced workflows, or just built something really cool :man_superhero: and want to celebrate your success with us, then you’re in the right place. This forum is for you to share knowledge and support each other as you’re creating custom apps using the spreadsheet skills you already have. :hammer_and_wrench:

Here are a couple things you shouldn’t miss:

  • Celebrate your successes in the Show and Tell category :trophy: : This category is to share useful workflows, knowledge, and advice with the community. Don’t hesitate to include step-by-step guides of your app so that fellow users can not only admire your wins, but also replicate them! By the way, we also keep a close eye on this category to pick our app of the month, which gets featured on our social media channels.

  • Need help using dashdash?:bulb:Get fellow dashdash users to help you out in the Ask the Community category. Before you ask your question, check if anyone else already ran into the same problem. If not, just start a new thread!

  • Follow the latest dashdash announcements in News :loudspeaker:

  • Suggestion Box :speech_balloon: Your feedback and ideas are super important to us. Drop product suggestions into the Suggestion Box and vote on your favourites. There’s no better way to shape our product roadmap!

  • Community Guidelines :warning: We’ve put together some guidelines in the hope to facilitate constructive conversations for all. Please make sure you take the time to read them!

  • Find us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Github, and Product Hunt.